The server runs until 10/25/2019, and then it will be turned off.

10.25.2019, will be open and available for all TS memories of the PWNDS clan version 3.1.10 (the button will be updated).

       Unfortunately, the project was closed, sincerely, yours, Immortal_Emperor.


       For a month, we have achieved what others have done for years, but, unfortunately, we didn’t achive the tremendous success in the ABS system that I expected. I would like to thank my second commander in chief (Leito_PR0), without whom nothing would have been possible, and also I want to thank those who played with us.I put all my strength into the clan, but did not receive a response from the players, many ignored, many did not play as they could (they played for 50%, from their strength), and some specially tried to withdraw me from myself. For all the time in the clan, I did not activate any clan payments for myself, I did not accept sponsors to the clan (there was 1 person, he paid for the TeamSpeak,I do not consider that as a sponsorship).